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(In Greek, the adjective kyriak-ós/-ē/-ón means “belonging, or pertaining, to a Kýrios” (“Lord”), and the usage was adopted by early Christians of the Eastern Mediterranean with regard to anything pertaining to the Lord Jesus Christ: hence “Kyriakós oíkos” (“house of the Lord”, church), “Kyriakē” (“[the day] of the Lord”, i.e. Sunday), or “Kyriakē proseukhē” (the “[Lord’s prayer]”).)

If you are curious about this section of our site it will require patience and thoughtfulness. As I was once reminded by a cook when I was working as an impatient waiter on a busy night, “The shit don’t come in a can!”

This approach to the Christian faith and spirituality in general is unintentionally non traditional. Its just kind of how it happens. We will do our best to be clear, concise, and useful.


So much of what is known as the Christian faith is colored by Western Culture, and for us American Culture.

Extracting a modern understanding of faith from ancient texts (Bible) written in the context of ancient foreign(Middle Eastern) cultures can be challenging. Add to that culture bias and it can be a handful. The videos and article here are intended to help you extract that modern ancient faith.


These are opportunities for us to become more concerned about the needs of others than ourselves. Some are suggestions, some are events happening in your area, some are destination specific opportunities.

There is a method to the madness. We want to encourage people to begin caring for those closest to them, then for those in the community, state, region and country until we then find ourselves broadening the definition of neighbor to individuals outside our borders.

City of Refuge In Atlanta we support a number of organizations with our service. City of Refuge is our main focus for caring for other more than ourselves in Atlanta.

Our international trip is planned for next December when we will be visiting Tiajuna, Mexico and serving the local population through Spectrum Ministries.

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