About Us

Sin Central Inc. is an attempt to fuse together a variety of Pat’s different passions. Having grown up walking through and dreaming in junk yards cars were always going to be a life staple. Motorcycles going hand in hand with hot rods was also a no brainer. The twist in passions comes from Pat’s pursuit of knowing deeply things about the ancient Christian faith apart from the constraints of Western Culture. These things pushed him to seek a master’s degree in theology from Emory University and doing doctoral work at Erskine to try to not only resolve some of his spiritual questions but also to better equip him to help guide others.

This fusion has now created Sin Central Inc. a 501c3 non profit shop where hot rods, Harleys and hellions alike are resurrected.


(Shop Foreman - Dresses to impress, always the first in the door, picks up scraps and sniffs out issues.)

Kary Kinman

(Kary has been building hot rods for 40 years. He is the redneck MacGyver of the hot rod world.)

Drew Larson

(A certified diesel mechanic and all around good wrench---he is handy to have around. Hide your anvils, he can break them.)

Pops Kinman

(Pops is our pilot and carpenter. Most importantly he has given over his airplane hangar to house our shenanigans.)

Patrick “Pat” Jansen

(Nominal mechanic, terrible welder and loser of whatever tool is needed next. Long on looks, short on talent but better than a trained monkey.)

Sin-Central is your one stop shop to make your dream into reality.