Pat seems like kind of a hell raiser. What gives with him being “Christian”?
Answer – You kind of have to give Pat space to be him just like he’ll give you space to be you. Not a perfect being but at the end of the day a guy that cares deeply about others is a better place to focus.

Where does the money go?
Answer – Sin Central Inc. supports lots of different kinds of things. Working mostly with areas that are in the greatest need in terms of basic needs. The Baja Peninsula of Mexico, the State of Olancho in Honduras and organizations that are transitioning families on the street to a place of stablility are pretty big points of emphasis.

What kinds of work does the shop do?
Answer – A lot of conversation can be had about defining custom work. Some guys are adamant about needs to build everything from scratch. Others fall into the recycle, reuse, repurpose camp. Then some like to source the best new parts available in order to create that custom car or bike. We’ll do whatever your dream and budget can take.

Can the crew at Sin Central Inc. make everything?
Answer – No. That’s why we partner with other talented craftsman to produce the highest quality rides.

Will you change the oil on my Harley?
Answer – Not right now. Service is not something we take lightly and we don’t want to half ass the work. We’re always looking to add services but right now we’re a project shop.

Why not just separate the church thing and the car things and let them be their own entities?
Answer – We didn’t want to.

Sin-Central is your one stop shop to make your dream into reality.